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Create your buyer persona using AI Forms

The buyer persona is one of the best marketing exercises you can perform to understand the profile of the average buyer, including their demographics, psychographics, and even purchasing preferences.

While it’s not an exercise that represents reality 100%, it can give you a general idea and basic notions to develop:

  • Products and services based on their needs.
  • Content in which they see themselves represented.

However, creating a well-defined buyer persona takes a lot of time: you have to block off hours in your calendar to research users across different statistical studies, consult websites, YouTube videos, social networks, etc., and generally, any site that provides you with information about this buyer persona.

Moreover, you then have to do all the writing, organizing this information in a structured and orderly manner. And once again, that requires a lot of time we don’t have. Especially when what we want is to validate a business hypothesis or a new product or service idea.

But, what if you could generate a buyer persona in about 30 seconds by answering 2 questions?

Now you can do it using TypeflowAI, a form powered by AI that allows you to set up a series of questions that, combined with a prompt, result in a specific answer to any need you have, such as creating this buyer persona.

Buyer Persona Generator

In the case you can see below, we have set these questions:

Example questions

  • What product or service do you want to sell? Sport shoes
  • Which market are you targeting? United States

And you can see the result below for a company targeting people in the US interested in sport shoes:



Data PointsResponses
Age18-35 years
OccupationYoung professionals
Annual Income€60,000 - €80,000
Marital StatusSingle
Family SituationChildless
LocationUrban and suburban areas of US


Active young individual interested in fashion and sports, seeking comfort and style in sneakers, with a medium budget.


Data PointsResponses
Personal CharacteristicsYoung, active, fashion and health-conscious
HobbiesSports, fitness, outdoor activities
InterestsFashion, technology, sustainability
Personal AspirationsMaintain a healthy and active lifestyle
Professional GoalsCareer growth, work-life balance
ChallengesFinding quality products at a good price
Main ChallengesStaying fit and up-to-date with trends
NeedsComfortable, durable, and stylish sneakers
DreamsAchieving personal and professional goals, traveling


Data PointsResponses
Budget€50 - €150
Purchase Frequency1-2 times a year
Preferred ChannelsOnline stores, specialized physical stores
Online BehaviorCompare prices, read reviews, look for deals
Search Terms"Fashionable sports sneakers", "Best running sneakers", "Sustainable sneakers"
Preferred BrandsNike, Adidas, Reebok, local brands
Trigger FactorsNeed for replacement, new trends, recommendations
BarriersHigh price, lack of product information

Impressive, right? Imagine how quickly you could start validating ideas, business models, and how easily you could create content specifically tailored for this buyer persona.

And there’s more: you can create an image of this avatar, you can store this information in Google Docs or Airtable to create a business plan…

The possibilities are endless!

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