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How to create LinkedIn posts with AI

If you want to make an impact on LinkedIn and have your personal or company profile stand out from the rest, you need to be consistent with your posts, meaning publishing at least once or twice a week on topics that add value to your audience or generate some debate to encourage people to comment.

But, what happens?

Day-to-day tasks usually don't leave us much time to think about interesting content.

Moreover, we're not always inspired, and it's very common to start writing about a topic and not manage to organize it logically, to get stuck and not be able to finish a paragraph the way you'd like… and as a final result, dozens of drafts end up in the recycle bin because you didn't manage to publish that day.

And a day without publishing is a lost day for having more opportunities on LinkedIn!

But the situation is even more complicated: think about it! The year has 52 weeks, meaning you'd have to create and publish at least 100 posts to retain your audience and create a bond thanks to the power of "frequent contact".

Now, what if I told you that you can now use a form to create that content more efficiently?

This is where TypeflowAI comes in, a form that uses AI to set a series of questions acting as variables and, combined with an advanced prompt, allows you to create new content for LinkedIn with different structures, tones, formats, and lengths.

Linkedin Post Generator

Here is an example of questions and answers for a teacher who wants to share on LinkedIn his experience applying the Montessori methodology:

Example questions

  • What topic do you want to cover? Pedagogy
  • What specific idea or concept are you interested in exploring? Introducing the Montessori method in Secondary Education
  • What professional title or role is your target audience primarily holding? High School Teachers
  • Which geographical location are you targeting? San Francisco
  • Describe your current professional status or role: High School Teacher
  • Choose a structure for your post? Please choose from the provided options:
    • Classic
    • Bullet Points
    • Case Study
    • Problem and Solution
    • Question and Debate
    • Personal or Professional Updates

Thus, in just a few seconds and by answering the form's questions, you can draft posts and then give them your personal touch.

Moreover, even if you use a template like the one shown in the image, you can modify it to your liking, add steps, restrictions, or even change the prompt entirely to truly reflect what you want…

Take a look at the output:


What happens when you mix secondary education with Montessori? Today I want to talk about Charles, a teacher in San Francisco who decided to give his teaching methods a 180-degree turn.

Facing the typical lack of enthusiasm from teenagers, Charles took on the Montessori challenge.

The result?

His classroom has become a hub of creativity and enthusiasm. Students, who previously barely looked up from their phones, are now fully engaged in projects they choose and develop themselves.

And Charles, instead of being a traditional teacher, has transformed into a guide, helping his students to discover and explore their passions. Every day is a new adventure, and the evolution of the students is tangible.

Carlos's experience is a clear example of how breaking the mold can bring a breath of fresh air to secondary education. Can you imagine implementing something like this in your classes? What do you think about this shift towards more active and student-centered learning? I would love to read your comments!

#MontessoriSecondary #EducationalInnovation #TeachersSF #ActiveLearning #CreativeEducation

But there's more, you can also have the AI create a unique image based on the content of the article to enrich the content and not have to be searching for stock and royalty-free images.

You can also connect the form with Zapier to send the article to a reviewer or a community manager to publish it, or you can create an editorial calendar in Airtable that allows you to better organize all the ideas and see what the best time is to publish posts on LinkedIn.

Literally, the possibilities are endless…

And you're just one click away from being able to use the LinkedIn Post Generator template.


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