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How to Write Google Ads with +80% CTR and High Profitability

Did you know we're exposed to 1 ad every 10 seconds?

That's over 6,000 ads per day – from video to text to images.

Standing out in this saturated landscape requires squeezing creativity, whether through a catchy slogan, striking image, or a no-brainer value proposition.

Choosing the right channel, one that's measurable and impactful, is crucial. That's where Google Ads comes in.

Google Ads search campaigns are ideal for reaching people actively seeking services or products. But mastering ad writing is key to outshining the competition.

To write effectively, you need two things: a deep understanding of your audience and a copywriter well-versed in consumer psychology.

But what if I told you creating dozens or hundreds of ad variants could take minutes?

With TypeFlowAI, answer a few questions about your target and product/service to generate ads instantly using AI.

Plus, leverage a template where AI:

  • Draws insights from top copywriting books.
  • Tailors tone to your brand and audience.
  • Mixes proven headline structures.
  • Offers precise character counts for Google Ads campaigns.

Example questions

See a practical example for an eco-friendly shoe store:

  • What is the target gender demographic for this campaign? Women
  • What age group is the intended audience for this marketing effort? 30-40
  • In which city or country will this campaign be targeted? US
  • What specific product or service will be promoted in this campaign? Eco-friendly sport shoes for women
  • Which brand is associated with the product or service being marketed? Eco-friendly shoes
  • What is the primary keyword that best represents the product or service? Eco-friendly sport shoes for women.
  • What secondary keyword complements the main keyword in this campaign? Sustainable athletic footwear.
  • What is the URL of the website or landing page associated with the advertised product or service?
  • What is the URL of the main competitor's website or landing page for comparison?
Google Ads Copy Generator


Headline 1:

"Innovate in Sports + Eco-Friendly Kicks + Unique Design" (A blend of benefit, primary keyword, and unique proposition, standing out from competitors like Nike.)

Headline 2:

"Premium Comfort, Minimal Impact" (Highlights a key benefit and unique value, differentiating with comfort and environmental consciousness.)

Headline 3 (optional):

"Discover +20% Off Your Pair" (A CTA combined with a special offer, prompting quick action.)

Display Path: (Friendly URL with keywords and "Offer" to boost relevance and interest.)

Description 1:

"Elevate performance, care for the planet. Shoes offering comfort without sacrificing style." (Emotionally connects, emphasizing performance, planet care, and product's life enhancement.)

Description 2:

"Limited edition available. Be the change in Seville. Free shipping this week." (Adds details about the offer, special promos, and a CTA for immediate action.)

Ad Extensions (optional but recommended):

  • Sitelink Text Extensions: "Free Shipping," "Eco-Friendly," "Innovative Design," "Total Comfort," "Limited Edition," "Shop Local"
  • Site Link Extensions: "Our Story," "2024 Collection," "Testimonials," "Promotions," "Sustainability Blog," "Contact"

The possibilities are truly endless.

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