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How to generate a Keyword Research using AI

Creating content takes time, but now it can be radically sped up thanks to artificial intelligence. However, this effort is futile if the content doesn't properly rank on major search engines.

Thus, to make your efforts worthwhile, it's crucial to combine content marketing strategy with research on the main keywords you want to rank for.

What's the problem? Conducting research takes time and money (as it often requires paid tools like Semrush, AHREF, etc.)...


What if I told you that now you can do it just by filling out a form? That's what you can do with TypeflowAI, a tool that combines the power of forms with artificial intelligence to produce unique results in minutes, not hours or days.

For example, imagine you're tasked with creating content for the blog of a leading supermarket brand.

The process would go like this:

  • Analyze the competition
  • Use tools to find keywords
  • Develop content using these keywords in H1, H2, and body text.
Seo Keyword Generator

However, using TypeflowAI, you'd only have to answer these questions:

Example questions

  • What is the name of your business? UK Supermarkets
  • What industry do you belong to? Retail
  • What is the URL of competitor 1? Tesco
  • What is the URL of competitor 2? Waitrose
  • What is the URL of competitor 3? Sainsbury's
  • What categories of products and services do you offer? Food, beauty, cleaning, etc.

And the responses will be used within a prompt to generate a result.

Let's see it with an example:


After reviewing the websites of Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury's, several key areas and potential supermarket-related keywords were identified that could be valuable for UK Supermarkets.

Below is a table with examples of keywords, associated content ideas, and an estimate of the ranking difficulty for each:

KeywordContent IdeaRanking Difficulty
Easy recipesBlog with quick recipes using supermarket productsMedium
Supermarket dealsWeekly deals page with discounts on specific categoriesLow
Supermarket price comparisonComparative analysis of basic product prices among different chainsHigh
Eco-friendly cleaning productsGuide on sustainable cleaning products and how to use them efficientlyMedium
Healthy eatingTips and recipes for a balanced diet, including vegan and gluten-free optionsMedium
Online supermarket shoppingTutorial on how to shop online efficiently on the websiteLow
Supermarket loyalty clubInformation on the loyalty program and how to maximize benefitsLow
Recommended supermarket winesReviews and recommendations of wines available at the supermarketMedium

In less than 1 minute, we've generated different keyword ideas classified by ranking difficulty.

Incredible, right?

And there's more: you can even connect TypeflowAI with other tools like Google Spreadsheet, Notion, or Airtable and save the results with all the keywords.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless…

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