API Key Setup

Auth: Personal API key

The API requests are authorized with a personal API key. This API key gives you the same rights as if you were logged in at typeflowai.com - don't share it around!

How to generate an API key

  1. Go to your settings on dashboard.typeflowai.com.
  2. Go to page “API keys” Add API Key
  3. Create a key for the development or production environment.
  4. Copy the key immediately. You won’t be able to see it again. API Key Secret

Store API key safely Anyone who has your API key has full control over your account. For security

reasons, you cannot view the API key again.

Test your API Key

Hit the below request to verify that you are authenticated with your API Key and the server is responding.


Get My Profile

Get the product details and environment type of your account.

Mandatory Headers

  • Name

    Your TypeflowAI API key.


curl --location \
'https://dashboard.typeflowai.com/api/v1/me' \
--header \
'x-api-key: <your-api-key>'


  "id": "cll2m30r70004mx0huqkitgqv",
  "createdAt": "2023-08-08T18:04:59.922Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-08-08T18:04:59.922Z",
  "type": "production",
  "product": {
      "id": "cll2m30r60003mx0hnemjfckr",
      "name": "My Product"
  "widgetSetupCompleted": false

Delete a personal API key

  1. Go to settings on dashboard.typeflowai.com.
  2. Go to page “API keys”.
  3. Find the key you wish to revoke and select “Delete”.
  4. Your API key will stop working immediately.

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