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How to create a one-page marketing plan using an AI Form

No one knows what will happen in 1, 2, or 3 years because the current world is characterized as VUCA, meaning it's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

In other words, this means it's a landscape that changes too quickly, and it's difficult to assimilate so many transformations in such a short time, whether it's because new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, or the metaverse appear, or simply because competing in the global market brings new players who put any business model at risk.

Therefore, the question you should ask yourself is, how can a business stand out and be profitable in such a changing context?

By developing a very clear marketing strategy that's quick to think about and execute.


With tools like, for example, the 1-page marketing plan by the renowned marketing specialist Allan Dib or other similar templates that also deliver good results.

Just as long-term business plans (with dozens or hundreds of pages that nobody is going to read) are increasingly used less, and a business model is defined in one page, precisely because this context is too changing, the same happens in the world of marketing where, even more, it is necessary to be ultra concise.

But, what if I told you there is an even faster way to develop a one-page marketing plan?

Now you can do it with TypeflowAI, a tool that combines the power of forms with artificial intelligence. Thus, by answering just two questions, you could generate a complete marketing plan that you could put into practice right at this moment.

Can you imagine the competitive advantage your business could have?

Let's see it with an example:

Allan Dib 1 Page Marketing Plan

Imagine that your company sells specialty coffee in London. In the case you wanted to use Allan Dib's template, you would only have to answer two questions:

Example questions

  • What products or services do you sell? Specialty Coffee
  • What is your target market? London

And in just 1 minute the answers to these questions would be transformed into an advanced prompt by TypeflowAI that would result in a structured one-page marketing plan like this:


Phase 1: Attraction and AwarenessMy Target MarketMen aged 30-40 in London interested in specialty coffee. Values quality, unique experience, willing to pay more for premium products.
My Message to My Target Market- Superior Quality: Meticulously selected to ensure a unique flavor experience. - Unique Experience: Each cup tells a story, from its origin to your cup. - Social Responsibility: Contribution to the sustainable development of coffee-growing communities. - Customization: Personalized options to satisfy unique palates. - Exclusivity: Access to rare varieties and limited editions.
The Media I Will Use To Reach My Target Market- Instagram: Attractive visual content, stories, and IGTV showing the coffee process. - LinkedIn: Posts and articles for professionals, highlighting social responsibility and exclusivity. - Local Events: Participation in coffee fairs and tasting events in London.
Phase 2: Marketing and SalesMy Lead Capture System- Forms on the website: For newsletter subscriptions, offering discounts on the first purchase. - Specific landing pages: For social media campaigns with exclusive offers for contact information.
My Lead Nurturing System- Email Marketing: Regular emails with valuable content like origin articles, preparation tips, and exclusive offers. - Webinars and Virtual Workshops: Educational sessions on specialty coffee and home preparation.
My Sales Conversion Strategy- Limited Time Offers: Urgency with special offers available only for a short period. - Sample Program: Send coffee samples with online orders to encourage trying new flavors.
Phase 3: Retention and GrowthHow I Deliver a World-Class Experience- Personalized Attention: Exceptional customer service online and offline, with personalized recommendations. - In-Store Experiences: Welcoming and educational atmosphere in stores, with tasting sessions and barista courses.
How I Increase Customer Lifetime Value- Loyalty Program: Points per purchase redeemable for products or discounts. - Monthly Coffee Subscription: Subscription plans delivering curated coffee selection directly to the door.
How I Orchestrate And Stimulate Referrals- Referral Program with Tiered Rewards: Encourage customers to refer friends with rewards for both the referrer and the new customer. - Exclusive Events for Members: Access to special events like new product launches or private tastings for members who have referred new customers.

How about that? Impressive, right?

On the other hand, if you wanted to use another similar template, you would have to answer just 2 additional questions:

What are the 3 main objectives of your business? What is your marketing budget?

And the result would be this:


Objectives1. Become the reference specialty coffee supplier in London.
2. Increase market share by 20%.
3. Increase sales by 25%.
Target AudienceCustomer Segment 1: Independent Specialty Coffee Shops
- Persona 1: Progressive café owners seeking unique, high-quality coffee.
- Persona 2: New cafés aiming to differentiate through premium offerings.
Customer Segment 2: Established Coffee Chains (with a focus on quality)
- Persona 1: Chain managers looking to upgrade their coffee quality.
- Persona 2: Chain owners interested in exclusive coffee blends.
Customer Segment 3: Eco-conscious and Ethical Coffee Retailers
- Persona 1: Retailers focused on sustainability and direct trade.
- Persona 2: Online specialty coffee subscription services seeking unique offerings.
Channels- Direct Sales: Engagement with café owners and retail managers.
- Online Marketing: SEO-optimized website, social media engagement, email marketing.
- Partnerships: Collaborations with coffee equipment suppliers for bundled offers.
SWOT AnalysisStrengths: High-quality product, direct trade relationships, flexible subscription services.
Weaknesses: Limited brand recognition, emerging presence in a competitive market.
Opportunities: Growing demand for specialty coffee, sustainability trend.
Threats: Established competitors, price sensitivity among new cafés.
Core Brand Value"Our specialty coffee is a symphony of flavor, ethically sourced, and expertly roasted to illuminate your café's character. We're not just suppliers; we're your partners in crafting unforgettable coffee experiences."
Competition- Square Mile Coffee Roasters: Well-known, offering a wide range of coffees.
- Union Hand-Roasted Coffee: Direct trade pioneers, offering competitive pricing and a broad selection.
- Caravan Coffee Roasters: Known for exceptional quality and support for female coffee producers.
Timeline- Week 1: Launch a targeted social media campaign.
- Month 1: Start SEO and PPC campaigns.
- Month 3: Host a coffee tasting event.
- Month 6: Evaluate and adjust digital marketing efforts.
- Year 1: Establish partnerships with targeted specialty cafés.
Marketing Budget Allocation- Content Marketing and SEO: £12,000
- Paid Advertising: £10,000
- Design: £5,000
- Marketing Technology: £5,000
- People (Sales and Marketing Staff): £8,000

As you can see, the possibilities are endless...

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